Trained by the team at the Bellevue Wellness Center, I support their work by training clients in lateral breathing, primitive gait pattern, balance, and how to create anaerobically fermented foods.   Once fundamentals of human existence, these essentials to health and wellness have become a lost art.

I appreciate the opportunity to be your guide, and look forward to helping you on your path to wellness.

By learning to walk and breathe correctly you can activate the “Primitive Response Repair Mechanism” which will kick start micro-circulation and will clear the stored stress patterns which impair body's ability to heal. ~ Dr. Carl Jelstrup

I am an ACE certified personal trainer who works with chiropractors and naturopaths to teach their clients how to support their health through movement of their bodies.

Primal walking, sometimes referred to as glidewalking is a primitive pattern of movement where simply by walking, the body is able to heal and repair.   Referred to as the primitive repair response mechanism, by walking correctly the body can walk its way out of injury, release accumulated stress, and allows the body to switch back into the parasympathetic nervous system to more fully rest and heal.   It allows for maximum blood flow, and spinal rotation, allowing for stiffness to resolve, and joints to fully lubricate.

Lateral breath refers to intentionally breathing from the diaphragm to obtain up to 3-5 inches to movement of the ribcage.   This breath pattern in addition to several others I teach can help to manage stress, release tension, bring focus, and most importantly fully oxygenate the body for optimal healing.

When the body is in the sympathetic nervous system or “fight and flight” there is no microcirculation happening in the body.   What this means when we are living in constant state of stress, and that blood flow is not moving into the tissues, slowing healing from injuries, and amplifying inflammation. By breathing and walking correctly, we switch the body to the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing  it to heal, rest, and to fully digest the nutrition we are consuming.

As children, we are all very good at balance, we use and challenge our ability to balance on a constant basis.   The older we get, the better we become at keeping ourselves safe.   We no longer test or challenge our balance, until we need to.   Often by the time we need the information our brain and bodies are much slower to respond, making it difficult to keep ourselves safe. I teach a series of balance exercises which we complete every week or two, just to keep the brain and body connections sharp.

Anaerobic fermentation is fermentation in the absence of oxygen. It allows for beneficial microbes to grow, and break down food in a way which the body recognizes and is receptive to absorbing. While there are many different crocks and lids for fermentation being sold, I have found the Pickl-It brand fermenting jars to provide the highest quality.   I teach using the Pickl-It method as it avoids the addition of aluminum to the food which happens when fermenting in a mason jar, as well as histamine and mold which can grow in non-air tight lids.


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