The term Earthing means reconnecting the human body with the earth, inducing physiological and psychological benefits.   Once our ancestors walked barefoot, or with leather between the soles of our feet and the earth, so we were in constant connection through our feet and bodies when we slept.

Over time, advancements in technology have displaced us from this basic phenomenon.   Our shoes now contain plastic and rubber, which do not allow the field of the earth to pass to our bodies when we walk.   We no longer sleep connecting to the earth and its cycles, but instead shielded from it.

The most common way of coming in contact with the ground is by going barefooted or lying on the ground. Our body internal activities function electrically, for example, the nervous system, the heart, and immune systems. Reconnecting with the earth obviously adjusts and improves the functions of these body systems. This means that the body has to be in direct contact with a conductive surface in contact with the earth.

Reconnecting with the earth's energy is known as earthing or grounding. The human body has positive charges and in contact with mother earth, the we are able to absorb electrons, promoting the balance of charges and enhancement of the well-being.


Benefits of Earthing

Exposing one's self to mother Earth has certain therapeutic effects on the body. The electrons from the earth have some significant effects on the body. 


Minimizes Inflammation and Pain

Grounding the body has been found to reduce inflammation and pain at the same time. This is because reconnecting the body with the earth allows free flow of electron from the earth to the point of contact of the body which then spreads outwardly to help to neutralize free radicals in the body. This, in turn, eradicates inflammation (chronic and acute) which may cause pain in the muscles and joints and prevents rapid aging.


Decreases Stress Level

Cortisol is a hormone well known for causing stress in the body. When the body is grounded, the Cortisol diurnal rhythm level in the body begins to normalize. This goes a long way to ensure that one sleeps better.

Other benefits of earthing include improved circulation of blood around the body, and an increase in the healing process as a result.

There is no benchmark of energy required to be transferred from the earth to the body. Once the body is grounded, it will absorb the electrons that it needs, while the rest of the electrons will reside on the earth with earth acting as a reservoir. The contact with the earth will be dependent on one's lifestyle and activity.