Postural Neurology

Postural neurology is the science of how your brain and body are connected.

Your posture is more than just how you stand or sit, it reflects your mental and physical state of being. While your posture can be affected by the condition of the muscles in your back and torso, postural neurology is the study of how your mental state is reflected in the way you stand or sit.

The science itself goes back thousands of years in different cultures where posture was part of the treatment process to battle various illnesses. However, today it is now seen as a symptom of conditions that affect the state of wellbeing.


What does Your Posture Say About Your Mental State?

Postural Neurology is the study of how your posture not only reflects your mental state, but that changes to your posture can actually improve your sense of wellbeing. This is because your vestibular and limbic systems are connected to the posture of your body which means that making changes in how you sit, stand and move can make a positive difference in your mental and physical outlook.


Can Changes in Posture Improve Your Physical or Mental Wellness?

It should be noted that Postural Neurology does not promise a cure. However, it does offer a pathway towards improving your overall state of mind which in turn boosts your health and wellbeing. This means that for those who may feel down, lost, or uncertain about the future, utilizing the known science behind Postural Neurology may provide a pathway towards having a better outlook on life.

By learning more about your predispositions based on the way you sit can offer you the information you need to change or adjust if you want things to be different in your life. Through our Postural Neurology practice we will provide specific methods that can be utilized so you can use them in your daily routine. The goal is achieved when the new posture methods because it improves the neurological function, helping the body and mind to feel more relaxed and in tune.  In a sense, it’s like helping your body function at peak efficiency which in turn provides a greater sense of wellbeing that turns into more confidence and a positive outlook.