Learn Posture Correction Exercises


Proper posture has been taught since early times, but in today's culture the combination of increased technology and reduced movement is creating an environment where correct posture even at a very early ages is compromised, and as we age the patterns continue to degrade.

Additional stress introduced by tech devices such as smartphones and sitting for long periods only increases the issues caused by poor posture.


How Poor Posture Affects the Body

By not managing your posture, collapse the body in a way that is not supportive of the spine making it susceptible to micro trauma, repetitive stress injury, and the increased pressure on the muscles, joints, and connective tissues.   Over time this compounds and can cause pain and discomfort.

For example, when looking down at a mobile device, the user will tilt their head down for an extended period of time putting pressure on the cervical spine. This pressure increases the load carried by the muscles an average of 35-40 pounds, which causes undo stress and over time leads to a variety of conditions, including neck and back pain.

Because the pain can increase over time without correction, the symptoms increase in intensity and lead to conditions such as higher blood pressure, and interference with the circulatory system.    While posture can absolutely have an impact on quality of life, small adjustments can make large improvements.  


How to Correct Poor Posture

The first step is recognizing the poor posture habits that you may have developed over time. Consider that the chronic pain is only one symptom, and engaging a Certified Postural Neurologist can help modify how you sit, stand, and walk for maximum benefit to your body, and your mind.

The basis of postural neurology is using the brain to help support the body, in posture, breath, and movement.   During the sessions there will be a variety of exercises which will engage not only your body, but your mind.   By actively exercising different areas of the brain by using different parts of the body, deficiencies and weaknesses can be corrected, and posture can be restored without the need for props or gadgets which only work when you remember to wear them.


Suggestions for Improving Posture

Engage in movement - many posture issues stem from repetitive stress injuries from holding the body stable for long periods of time.   Get up, move your body often during the work day.  

Seek out help!  I can help you create the most efficient plan to correct the weaknesses which are at the very root of your posture issues.   Contact me today to learn more!