Posture Correction Specialist

Many people around the world are facing serious issues when it comes to their posture.   Our posture is based on human evolution, meaning that your ancestors walked, ran, sat, and slept in a manner noticeably different than most people today. Our access to transportation, and technology is challenging our ability to obtain and maintain correct posture as societies are becoming increasingly more sedentary.

Why Posture Matters

While proper posture was taught in elementary schools, today it is rarely included in class curriculum's, and if so, it is given a very light once-over with outdated methodologies. By the time high school comes around, many kids have poor posture and it continues deteriorate over time without correction. Multiple studies have shown that posture can have a direct impact learning, and the prevalence of technology during playtime is amplifying the amount of time that children’s bodies are spent in poor posture.

Back Pain: The number one medical issue around the world is back pain. Roughly one-third of all sick days due to medical illness are from back pain, many of which are caused by or made worse due to poor posture.

Sitting: With many jobs requiring hours of sitting in one position, the stress on the back and neck can be considerable. This is especially true when sitting in chairs that are not ergonomically designed to provide proper support or posture.

Computer and Smartphone Screens: When engaging with the screens of computers and mobile devices,  we tend to haunch our necks hand shoulders in an unnatural position. This causes stress on the the neck, which then cascades to the other muscles of the back and pain soon follows. Even when standing, the haunch position of the back is a common sight in those trying to look at the small screens of smartphones.

Seeing a Posture Correction Specialist

For those who suffer from pain related to their posture, working with a Certified Postural Neurologist who specializes in this field can offer a variety of exercises to use the brain to help correct the body.   A CPN is trained to help with correction of poor posture and make recommendations that will help relieve the pain and prevent further issues from occurring.

If you are suffering from back pain, poor posture may be the culprit. You can make simple adjustments to your life which will correct your posture or receive the guidance of a Certified Postural Neurologist to identify the exact cause and implement the right solutions.



There are ways to combat poor posture, starting with a posture  evaluation for both adults and children.

By embarking on a postural neurology program, you will not only begin doing simple exercises that challenge the brain but also the body, resulting in postural corrections.   Actively participating in a posture program will change how you hold your body, and how it holds itself when you are not thinking about it.   Over time, this will facilitate reductions in pain.

By finding ways to stand up and move around during the day will bolster proper posture. This means moving, stretching, and realigning yourself, instead of planting yourself in one position for several hours at a time.   By making small adjustments it will support your body and will minimize fatigue from holding yourself in one position for extended periods of time.